The waiting list with Truebengals is where we discuss in depth everything Bengal. Once we have established that your home is good for one of our Bengals. We can place you on the list. The time on the list is very dependant on which colour, sex or quality of Bengal. If you are awaiting a show quality Bengal then this will be a longer wait time as only the most exceptional Truebengals baby will be placed in your hands. 

The waiting list is £100 NON REFUNDABLE deposit to be placed on it. When it comes to selecting your kitten, a further £150 reserve deposit is needed. This £250 then comes off the main price of the kitten.

If I have ever considered you for one of our cats in the active register for your program then the NON REFUNDABLE waiting list deposit is £250 and then a further £250 on the day of selecting your kitten. 

How the waiting list works. 

This is how it works once you have been placed on the waiting list.

Everyone on this list has paid to be on this list. 

​We reserve the right to keep any kitten from any litter for our breeding program ahead of anyone on the waiting list.

The following is a list with the length of our waiting list, for your information before you think if you would like to be a part of it. It tells you how long it may take for you to move up the list.

The fewer choices you have as in colour, sex etc, the faster a kitten will be placed with you.

The following is the time the said person was placed on the list. Then there are the choices. This will help you establish how far into the list you may go if you have particular choices.

UPDATED 12th April 2021

Date of Addition - Initials  - Options requested

Nov 2020 - C - Melanistic

Jan 2021 - AW - Brown Rosetted Boy summer 21 litter

Jan 2021 - WB - Two girls close in age from the same or different litters. - OFFERED 

February 2021 - HM - Silver Rosetted dark high contrast (Miska lookalike)  Girl SHOW QUALITY

February 2021 - AA - Female SHOW QUALITY

February 2021 - LA - Snow or Silver boy

February 2021 - TB - Silver Mink Charcoal Girl SHOW QUALITY 

March 2021 - KW - Boy from a winter litter.

March 2021 - SW - Girl Brown Rosetted

March 2021 - SB - Boy Lynx Snow

March 2021 - RD - Brown Rosetted - OFFERED

April 2021 - JP - Lynx girl

Once the lovely people on the waiting list select their kitten and collected. Their information from above will be removed and people will move up the list. Once offered and Accepted it will show next to the name,