These are our boys here at Truebengals. 

All our boys are PRA-b, PKDEF normal and have healthy HCM screened hearts. 

Goldnglitz Mr Goldrush of Truebengals (Henry)

DOB 29/02/2016

HCM Screened clear September 2017

Blood Group A carries B

PRA and PKdef normal

Sire - Wowbengals Coolbreeze (HCM SCREENED) 

Dam - Goldnglitz Lady Azra

Silverglitz Obsidian Shadow

DOB 06/03/2016

PK DEF and PRA normal.

Blood Type A carries b

Colour tested by us  A/a C/cb

HCM Clear March 2017

Obi is currently an open stud. If you would like to use him please contact us.

Sire - Blissnmore Jungle printz - HCM SCREENED

Dam - Kiabindhi Dusty Moon

Goldnglitz Snow Prints ( Solo ) 

Seal Lynx Snow

colour tested apb/apb Double Charcoal Carrier

PKDEF and PRA normal

Blood Type A ( Carries B ) 

HCM screened clear Sept 2017

Sire - Sunstorm Tuilagi of Kiabindhi

Dam - Kiabindhi Steel Magniloquent HCM SCREENED