Consolidated update

Kiskas babies now 11 weeks. They will start to leave us next week. Lady in Grey is still available but I am still umming and arring whether to keep her. She is just gorgeous and her silver is really showing through now.

Dreams babies, had visitors to have a play with them today. Wont be long until they are on their way.

Kisses seven. What can I say, I have never known a litter that are all over the house at 6 weeks old, much to the rolling of eyes from Kisses, who has started chewing the whiskers off Alcatraz. You can see why he is named that, he is straight from her, running all over, under the dogs, over the rabbit. Gets right up into your lap and falls asleep while washing your arm. He is awesome! He is "green" collar in the photos. He wont even let Kisses bring him back to her room because he just runs away from her. Reminds me of me and Charlie when he was younger. Magic, who is white collar is astounding with his colour. His base coat is the clearest I have ever seen and each rosette is outlined perfectly in black, its like he has been painted. Really lookng forward to watching him grow, he will be going to a home where there is a promise that I get very very regular photos of his development. lol.

Sky who is the pink/orange collar girl is also lovely, I am sure she carries apb as her rosettes are unusual. They have the black outline but they have a shade darker inner part with a very clear basecoat, the fuzzies are really coming in now so I am sad i can not capture their patterns truthfully.

So its madness here at the moment but its brilliant, it will be a quiet house when Benji, Nala, Candie and lady in Pink leave next week.

I will leave you with a picture of Blue sleeping x

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