Happy Christmas to all!

We want to wish you all a Happy Christmas and hope that your days over the festive time have been blessed with happiness and health.

We have been so busy here at Truebengals with our Children, the cats and all the kittens. We are now helping kisses with her babies, as they come into their 4th week, all have left the nest and are drinking LOTS of milk. To help them on their way we are now topping them up 2-3 times a day to help her. Kisses has done so amazing with her first litter and it being seven babies and she has fed them all perfectly herself. With breeding you have to look after Mum and not just the kittens so we always take everyone into consideration. We are all thoroughly enjoying topping up these fellas as they just love their milk. With all the family getting involved it makes my heart swell with pride at this awesome family hobby we have. :)

Really looking forward to what next year brings with pairings and kittens and cats and adventures.

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