Update for December

Wow what a few weeks it has been. Kisses is doing fantastic with her seven babies.

Dreams is being brilliant with her three guys who are coming upto 7 weeks old now. The Charcoal Mink boy is so big and chunky!

Kiskas babies are doing fabulous. Currently evaluating the last girl so at the moment there is only one female apb/apb lynx left for reservation for breeding/pet. I cant not believe how fast these apb/apb change in their visual development!

Very busy at the moment with enquiries and the all important questions and vetting for homes.

We will be releasing kisses babies for reservation soon. Five Boys and Two Girls. Really looking forward to seeing these develop, considering they are all browns, there is a proper mixed bag! But then there is by law of averages possible 50% who carry for apb ( Charcoal ) so they could look different visually. But they are all amazing!

We are so very lucky here at Truebengals to have the time to dedicate to each cat we have. This Christmas is going to be fabulous!

Watch out for all the planned matings for next year including the maiden queens.

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