Kiskas babies 3 weeks old

The 6 babies are doing amazing. They are so big and chunky and Kiska needs no help from us in feeding them, thats for sure. We are watching the 4 lynx girls very closely as we would really love a keeper girl. Due to blood group testing and the possibility of B types in this litter, we will be blood typing any girls who we deem fit for breed quality. This will delay any evaluation for breed/pet. Blood group testing will happen around 4 weeks when I am happy to keep Kiska away from them for an hour which they need to be able to get a good swab. Their markings are really starting to shine though now and they are all looking utterly fabulous. The one thing I loved when we first researched Bengals is the colour genetics, I just love genetics and what it does with the colour, pattern and all else which they do. Having this apb/apb litter with a slash of possible silver lynx is just totally exciting. I also want to learn the subtle differences in the lynx and the silver lynx but with the apb influence here too, it may be a little harder than your standard. At the moment all 4 look identical but with their own fingerprint of rosettes. So its all very interesting.

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