Kiskas babies 2 weeks old.

apb/apb charcoal bengal babies

Kiskas babies are now 2 weeks old. That went so so fast. They are seriously chunky kittens. Heading to the triple their body weight since birth. Kiska is doing awesome at feeding them all herself. She has also started now taking a little time to herself out of the box for a few minutes here and there. What an amazing maternal cat she is. So the little ice pure white kittens which were born now all have theirs markings shining through. I think its amazing to watch them develop at this age as they really do start looking different. We are so lucky to have an all apb/apb litter as I love the genetics side of breeding, what t he apb does to the colour and pattern and how it affects each cat differently. Knowing these ice white babies may grow up like Solo our Lynx apb/apb boy is phenomenal. The two browns are also interesting as we have never watched the development of one double charcoal brown anywhere. Individual photos will start soon to start their progression diary.

In other news, Dreams is settled and ready for the deliver of her babies, she is currently having her long pre baby sleep.

Missys babies are fabulous. Our keeper girl still has no name, I honestly do not think I will be leaving that to Tony again haha. Lady of the beach is still available, Sandy bay is still available. Deactivate is fully settled into his new home and doing awesome and Henry Jnr is settled and has a new best mate.

Riddle is available to a pet home, he is being neutered tomorrow so will be ready to leave us from Friday all being well.

The planned pairings for the first half of next years kittens will be put together soon. :) Always exciting and now we have all blood testing done its much easier to plan :)

So until next time which should be the annoucement of our new litter. Hope all is well in your world as it is in ours. x

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