Its been a while!!!!

Wow nearly two months since I have added a blog post. Good job I have a cat diary for each cat and don't have to depend on this.:) Life has been so busy.

Well lets update on the kittens.

Kal and Obis kittens have now all left for their homes and are settling in really well. I am blessed to have updates from them regularly. :)

Teeko and Obis kittens, Riddle and Jonny are awaiting collecting to awesome homes, Jimmy is still available.

Fire and Henrys kittens, They have all now left for their new homes. Miss them terribly, they were the chunkiest more solid, cuddly cats.

Missys kittens, they are 9 weeks tomorrow and in for their first vaccinations on Friday.

Fire recovered perfectly from her c-section. She has also been spayed and went to her new forever home with her son Spiral. Miss her so much, kissing her nose with those big eyes looking back.

With the rest, its getting colder now, the heat has been turned on in catville, a new heater is being ordered for studville as Solo and Obi have moved over now. :)

So thats a quick update to where we are at. I'll try and update more as I go alone with indepth posts as I know I have a few followers now. :)

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