Kittens update

Kals litter. 

Had their fin health check, microchip and vaccine today. They did awesome. Sunshine, tornado and storm are being collected next weekend. I'm going to miss them so so much. Breezy and Hurricane are seriously so laid back. They are available. :) 

Dreams litter. 

Had their final health check, microchip and vaccine today. They did fabulous! Chaos will be leaving us in the middle of August. We understand people go on holiday so we look after your kitten until your back. :) frenzy and Mayhem are settling in fine with the family. Bedlam is available and the most laid back cat ever. 

Teekos litter, they are a naughty trio always making me laugh. They are so chunky. Nameless still except Riddle. 

Fires litter, what can I say, I'm wowed every day!! They are stunning! Starting to think about leaving the nest but still unsure. 

Missys litter - now 3 days old. All doing really well and gaining waight good. Look just like Missy when she was born. Going to be a super stunning litter of 4 boys and 2 girls. 

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