Consolidated update and news

Wow its been that long since I blogged! No wonder I never kept a diary well when growing up.

I will do all news and updates in 1 post.


On her due date Fire laboured quickly and delivered a kitten who I call Middle Spot until I find a name, After a while we knew something was wrong so we went to the vet. She delivered two more boys. Big Spot and Little Spot via c-section. Just like us humans, some kittens are born via the sunroof. Oh what a scary time, but after a shaky start and topping up via syringe and sleepless nights and attaching to the nipples constantly finally at 3 days old all three attached themselves and when Fire changed position they found and latched on their own. Oh the relief and tears when they were all feeding together with no help from me. My nerves, my heart and my head were all shot those first few days. But once feeding was established all was good. Fire is doing so so well. This is Fires second litter and will be her last. We will be looking for her forever home to retire later this year when she has recovered from her section and then been spayed and recovered again. I have been told many a time, there will be a section litter at some point but I never expected this soon in our breeding life of Bengals. But alas it is done and its been a very swift learning curve for making a temp incubator which must I add worked a treat. :) We had the babies with us with me with them constantly all the first night while Fire slept off her anaesthetic. I have been told too many times by my friends who have had a section that all you want to do is sleep afterwards. So no way was I going to stress Fire more by fiddling with her teats trying to express milk to entice the babies. But it all worked out in the end. The 2 guys are now 10 days old and over 250grams each. They are proper little chunkc and Fire is very protective of them which is fabulous as the bonding time after established feeding when they were left in the kittening enclosure in the dark for the first week. If it was not for our custom designed enclosures I think this could have been alot worse. They really do promote bonding. So thats that update. Next.

Kals babies.

They are now 9 weeks old and have explored all nooks and crannies of the living area, they are all over the kitchen and part of the family. They have had their first vet check and vaccinations and they have done awesome.

Dreams babies.

They are 9 weeks old! You said what. they were just born. Yes I think that too but no it was a long long time ago. They are also now downstairs and exploring with the rest. Its fun making a brew and you have all 9 at your legs wanting to know what your doing. We are keeping 2 girls from this littler. A silver charcoal and a mink charcoal poss silver. They have also been for their first vaccinations and vet check,.

Teekos babies.

The three mink boys are now 5 weeks old. Sadly one of the boys dislike me since panacur but in time he will come to love me again. It amazes me how at this age they attach the worming session to a person and it sticks as negative. Bless him. We have decided to keep Riddle., he is the a/a mink.

New flooring, we have had new flooring and the kittens went outside for the afternoon while we stripped the old and cleaned nooks and crannies ready for the new and they loved it. Got some funny photos.

Thats it for this update. :)

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