Truebengals Winters Kisses is 6 months old!

I can not believe that they are 6 months old already. It just seems like a few weeks I was kissing them all hello as I weighed them when they came into the world. So happy half birthday Kisses, Sirius, Lunar, Fred and Mitzi. I just love following their life in their homes. Kisses has exceeded her development expectations. Due to her being apb/A I thought her ground colour would turn creamy but it has done the opposite and it has turned ice white. Her markings are now showing though more and more and she has the most awesome rosettes. Here are her 6 month photos. Her Chin has strengthened really well and her nose is lovely with her profile. Not much of a back skull to be frank BUT her planned pairing is with Solo who has a lovely one. :)

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