Fire is settled into her kittening enclosure.

Well its happy days for Fire. She is settled in her kittening enclosure. She is definitely one of those cats who needs an enclosure when she is delivering. Some queens if they have too much room, they stress can walk about much too much and waste their energy. Fires first litter was a singleton. It was also Henrys first litter and he was young so it was half expected. She does look like she has more than one in there in time. I have watched movements from two different areas at the same time. Due to their being only a single kitten in her first litter. First time mum and nature caused her to call when Suki was just two weeks old. She lost total interest in Suki and stopped feeding her. A single Litter curse so I have been told. So we reared Suki with the help of another nursing queen we had at that moment. All went well and Suki is just awesome and amazing and staying with us. I am hoping this time with it being her second litter and hopefully a larger litter, it will naturally keep her occupied to want to feed her litter to the normal length of time. Plus with her being in maternity she can not hear any intact males calling as maternity is at the front of the house. Well she probably could but they are not directly out of the window. So we shall see. I am very excited as Suki is just amazing so looking forward to what else they can produce together.

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