Kittens Update 5

Kals 5 are doing awesome, eating like little pigs. Kal came into her first call but it was only a mild one. Really want to give her a good long break with her having 2 litters so close. We will see what Mother nature intends. The litter are now in the main living area in the day and totally underfoot, Charlie is in his element having kittens running about again. Storm is awesome, he really does have some fantastic markings and colour. Tornado is the cutest thing ever, he has such sad eyes, hes obsessed with the printer. Hurricane loves to snuggle and Breezy is starting to look really fabulous, such contrasting markings. Sunshine is a little doll, she loves to play hard with Suki who as always loves to play back. They are now readily eating with the rest of them at will. They love nothing better than to run at full pelt up and down after eachother. I love watching them.

Dreams 4 are fabulous. We have decided to keep Mayhem for our breeding program, she has the head type which I want to move forward with. Chaos has the tiny ears and the gorgeous short thick tail but I can't keep them both. Chaos also has a better pattern placement but I must look at the structure before the pattern or I will get nowhere with moving forward. Frenzy the Mink which looks so so so charcoal its untrue. I have also been told from a silver breeder than she very well could be a silver mink charcoal. Her pattern has very good placement but at the moment I have no room in my program for a mink as we little Minky from Teekos last litter... its hard as she has the most wonderful nose bone and tail and NO rib bars, the only one out of the whole litter without rib bars. But alas I can not keep her. I will repeat the pairing later this year may early next year. Dreams started calling at 5 months but she is not a often caller and they are not very intense but we will see. I would love to in the future have a silver charcoal mink from her.. watch this, this Frenzy will be the only one which is so awesome. Anyway Bedlam.. what A KITTEN! We had someone come to view the kittens over the weekend to test their cat allergies and bedlam crawled all over the shoulder and onto the back and didn't want to get off. He was so funny. I love him so. He is going to make a superb companion pet. Really loving watching the silvers. I will be getting mayhem colour tested to see if she is a silver charcoal or a charcoal carrier.

Teekos 3 boys are HUGE! They are massive for their age. One of them looks like a solid mink but with their genetics it can't be but its kinda awesome. We will have to colour test him and see his PKDEF status because if he is not a carrier then he may well be on evaluation to keep for a stud if his type is good. Until the test results come in I am not going to watch his type too much as I will be sad if he is a carrier as I dont wan't a stud carrier, I don't mind the girls being carriers that I have produced. You cant chuck a good cat away just because they are a carrier so a well established breeder once told me. He is very laid back unlike his brothers who squeal all the time when handled lol. We have called the darker boy Truebengals Riddle Me This. I will include a link to a video I took this morning. Isnt he awesome.

Again though with keeping him, I have to think about where I want to go. Tony would want to keep him as a pet if he had his way and he could not be a stud, he loves him to bits. lol

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