The fuzzies

Well Kal and Dreams babies have all entered the fuzzies really deeply. It is very hard to photograph them now. Ill show you the difference in how they look in a week using Truebengals Sunshine. The top one is 5 weeks and the bottom one is 4 weeks. The difference in the definition is phenomenal. I find it breathtaking sometimes when they come out of the fuzzies and you compare the photos and your like.. wow that is one transformation. Looking at the photos come to think of it, you can just seen her starting last week on her back. The last photo is 2 weeks which is when I start to look at the pattern and photograph it as when they leave the fuzzies they are a different looking cat. I love the development and documenting it. I wonder what her 6 week photo will be like. Probably not able to see much of the pattern at all.

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