Kittens Update 4

It has been a while since I blogged. Its been very busy here at Truebengals. Socialising kittens, Charlie and Serenity are off school. Always new things to do in catville. But here are the kitten updates.

Kals kittens are now 4.5 weeks and they have been primarily evaluated. Most as always go for pets, sadly I have had to refuse breeding rights to two people who have asked but thats the way the cookie crumbles. We are quite strict with the homes in which we place our babies. All kittens are now available as pets, a deposit can be placed to secure this. Some have fabulous type but need a little more evaluating for a final decision so could be available to a breeding program. The dark boy who looks just like his Dad has lovely type, pattern and colour. He just needs a little more development to see for sure. Personally I want all our cats in pet homes but someone once told me right at the start of us researching the breed. You need to share your genetics if you have a good one and give someone the opportunity to use those genetics to further the breed. Now with so many breeders breeding for things like small ears, big pattern, short tails, flat nose.. its hard to know what to release on the possible active. So we have the help of someone who knows the standard much more than we do so we stick to the TICA standard. Kal is a PRA carrier so all her babies really go as pets as I am not happy with selling a cat as a carrier so only genuine people who want on the active register would have the chance as I would need to test the kitten before really thinking about it. But back to the kittens.. they are now using the litter and have never had a accident which is awesome. They have tried cooked diced chicken and soaked kibble. Currently they are not interested but we keep trying them. We have found now that one day they will just eat and not stop so there are no worries. All kals kittens are actually just awesome. The minks are beautiful in their patterns.

Dreams babies again 4.5 weeks and what can I say, I love them ALL!!!! All of them I want to keep as I love bits of them all. We are keeping a silver girl but need to watch them both grow to decide which one. The mink which could be a charcoal mink even a silver I want to keep to breed her as her head is gorgeous and her pattern is lovely and flowing but I can't keep 2 and I really want to forward my silvers. The boy is such a friendly thing. I walk in and runs up and mews until I lie on the floow with him. Hes going to make someone a truly amazing companion pet. These again are using the litter readily with no accidents, they like cooked chicken but not too kean on the kibble as yet. Now they are in and out of the nest we will be replacing it for a 2nd level in their enclosure soon. They now have access twice a day for a hour or two to the room which they love to explore.

Thats it for this update:)

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