Kittens Update 2

Kal and Obi's babies are now 11 days old and all eyes are now open. They are all so different, there is a definite difference in the Mink now, no need to collar one of them. One is so high contrasted its awesome. The little brown girl melts my heart, she is so quiet when I weigh her. The dark boy has stolen my heart with his overall appearance and his head is awesome already. The brown boy has such lovely rosettes. I can not wait for them all to develop. All feeding and gaining weight nicely.

Dreams and Solo's babies are now 9 days old. All eyes are open and they are starting to crawl around the nest more than ever. The two silver girls are seriously amazing but I would say that as they are our first silvers born here at Truebengals. All feeding well and gaining lots of weight.

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