Kitten update 1

Kals kittens are now 5 days old! How did that happen? They are doing fabulous, gaining weight really well and Kal is loving being a Mummy again. The little Minks look very much identical in their weights, weigh gains and looks. If they don't change enough to tell them apart soon, I will have to collar one of them lol. The dark brown boy is so gorgeous, he has such a dark mask to his face. He must be carrying the Melanistic gene for sure with his colourings. Will be interesting to see if there ever comes a reason to test his colour. With Kal carrying for PRA any people who are interested in any which are deemed breed quality will have to be tested before sale so if he ever gets tested for PRA I will be getting his colour tested at the same time. I am very exciting to watch him develope as he is even darker than his Dad was.

Dreams kittens, oh how overt he moon I am that we have our first silvers born here at Truebengals. I will be keeping one little girl to further our program from the silvers. They are both exceptionally gorgeous but I would say that about our first born silvers wouldn't I. :) The kittens are now 3 days old. Dreams is a super Mum and has taken to it like a duck to water. Kittens are all gaining very very well. Tiny the smaller silver has gained like a pro. I love watching kitten TV on the camera and can not wait until they start moving around as I do not think I will watch anything else. :) The litter is either apb/A or apb/a which is a charcoal or a charcoal carrier. Sometimes I have been told its hard to tell which until they are much older. I am going to be photographing thse kittens once a week to mark their visual progress on pictures. Dreams just gets on with playing on the cat tree and looking out of the window when I am weighing her babies so perfect opportunity to photograph them all. :)

So thats it for kitten update 1. Follow the blog for any other updates or the facebook page for everything in and out of Truebengals. x

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