Maternity room coming along well

One enclosure is fully complete and I need to finish the paint. The 2nd is half done and that can be painted before completed and the 3rd is pre built and ready for installing but there is no rush for that one.

I can't wait to introduce Dreams to the room! It will be perfect for her and any other pregnant queen in there later stages. Keeping them stress free, safe and secure.

No more having to find a make shift enclosure when Mum moves them too much or doesn't want them to wander too far, or mum is getting stressed in a high traffic multi cat environment. The safety, health and mindfullness of all our cats is at the forefront of out mind. Oh I also have a cat tree to assemble. Dreams will be introduced to Maternity at some point this weekend and after a few days she will spend a few hours at a time in her kittening enclosure so she knows this is the safe place to deliver. Camera will then be installed as she only has a couple of weeks left to go. Very exciting for her first litter. Hopefilly I also have some kitten proof water bowls coming which can not be knocked over.

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