What's happening here then.

Here at TrueBengals we are always upgrading something. Be it enclosures or enrichment. But now we are expanding the area we have for kittens. Our new maternity room will be done in time for dreams to have her babies. The room will be able to house 3 Queens totally seperate. One thing I've learnt over the years without doing it myself. Having multiple Queens with their kittens using the same area can be stressful. Not just for labour but rearing them to and this can result in kitten deaths. No cat is the same and it's not often you get one that's happy kittening and rearing at your ankles. Khaleesi likes to be with us so she will never be shut away but fire likes seclusion. We have made the we have options for everything. It's also an enrichment area for kittens. This enables still full socialisation with Charlie and the dogs from 3 weeks and peace of mind. I'm very excited. :) 

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