Sirius and Lunar have moved in with their new humans

Amanda, Craig and their Son came to collect their babies today. Since they were 6 weeks old they have been visiting them, they gave them their names and loved them from afar. Today was a special day as I could not have chosen a more special and perfect family for them both. Sirius has taken a part of my heart with him, he really is a human in a cats body. Updating me at every turn, they are both settled in well and I look forward to sharing some photos in a few days. I think this may be the worst part of breeding. Letting go after watching them be born and treating them like you do part of the family.. as they are little parts of the family. Then watching them move on. Especially one you have bonded with like I did our Sirius. So here is to their new adventures with their new family and friends and kitty mates.

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