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So Khaleesis litter are now 13 weeks. Lunar and Sirius left today, Houdini is leaving tomorrow and Mitzi next weekend. Kisses is staying with us to carry on the awesome line for 2018. Her tests came back and she is apb/A which is great as its just what we wanted, sadly her PRA test came back as a carrier but that doesn't matter as all our boys are pra clear by parentage so as long as we test any possible breeder cats from her, all is good. PKDEF and PRA carriers can have a important place in a breeding program as long as you do the necessary testing.

Fires little Suki is now 11 weeks and doing awesome, her markings are just like her Dads. Will be interesting if she has the very good contrast like her Dad. Her head and nose are perfect and her eyes and memorising so I am looking forward to her growing up.

Teekos little mink we have decided to keep. Her test results came back. She is A2/A which is interesting but we still do not know what this agouti gene does yet. Her test for PKdef came back N/N which is awesome. She is PRA clear by parentage. She is our first mink so she will stay to further her line in 2018.

No confirmed pregnancies as yet but we are on bump watch for 2 girls. Both girls have been mated to just working boys so you never know.

We are working on enrichment for catvile this spring with some awesome ideas. We have also purchased a cat wheel for catville. The way which they use it in the main house, its a definite must for enrichment and exercise.

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