Khaleesi's Kittens

Well what can I say. They are doing amazing, Really chunky little things now. 3 are reserved and going to amazing home. They have new names already. Spotty is now Lunar, Alfie is now Sirius and Houdini is Harry I think they were contemplating. :) Its lovely when you meet and really get to know the people who you are entrusting your babies with. Whether it for breeding or a forever pet. They have to be the perfect home. Lunar and Sirius are going together. This means that we have only one left available from the litter. Little girl we have called her as she was the smallest born at 91 grams. It was a toss up between her and her sister kisses as to who stayed here with us at Truebengals. After a long and very hard time choosing, we chose kisses for her overall balanced pattern. Little girl has beautiful large rosettes and even now I am wanting to keep both. But alas we are keeping Firecracker to further the line for Fire and Henry so we can not keep them all. :)

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