apb/apb to apb/apb pairing for later in 2017 :)

Well what can I say, what an exciting year for charcoals. When I decided I will dip my toe in breeding my own charcoals, I never imagined it being such an awesome genetic pairing. When you are into charcoals then this gene in a cat is the cream of the crop. Last year I was amazed and blessed to have our first apb/apb in Solo our future stud. He is a lynx and he is amazing. Jayne at Goldnglitz entrusted him to us. Then I watched some amazing kittens grow from 3 weeks through Alison at Purebengals. The litter is amazing. I was extremely lucky to be offered an amazing silver girl who is apb/apb so all my dreams of charcoal programs just came true. I have a apb/apb silver to lynx pairing.. Kiska the queen of the pairing also carries lynx so those reading this who are into their charcoals will know this could produce. Silver apb/apb, Lynx Snow apb/apb and Brown apb/apb. With the fantastic type that both cats have, they will make a great pairing.

Also do not forget I have my silver girl who carries melanistic and is c/cb who is paired to Purebengals Chester who carries for charcoal and lynx.. So another awesome pairing which could produce some fantastic possible charcoals.

So 2 silver girls this year on their first adventure into being Mums.. with my first Charcoals. :)

Here is the apb/apb pairing.

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