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Silverglitz Mercury Dreams of truebengals

Silver Rosetted

Dam - Kianhindi Dusty Moon Sire - Blissnmore Jungle Printz (HCM CLEAR)



Colour Tested A/a C/cb

Blood type tested A carries B


Dreams is a super girl, she has a lovely, very affectionate, is one of the first to greet visitors.

Dreams will be retiring this year to a one cat only home as a loving companion. She is super affectionate and very sweet. Please enquire with any interest. 

Truebengals Mischief Maker (Missy)

PKDEF N/K tested PRA normal

Lynx Snow carrier

Blood type A 

DOB 12th Aug 2016

Dam PurebengalsGB Teeko The Snow Queen - Sire Blissnmore Jungleprintz (HCM Clear)

Missy is our first keeper girl from our first litter of bengals. She is superb, she is covered in glitter and is so friendly and cuddly. 

PurebengalsGB Dark Moon (Kiska)

Silver Apb/Apb

Dam -Sunstorm Pocahontis HCM Clear

Sire - PurebengalsGB Chester HCM clear

PKDEF and PRA clear

carries for seal lynx snow

Blood Type tested A (Carries B)

23rd September 2016

Kiska is a beautiful girl. She is quite shy when it comes to visitors which is a shame as when you win her round, she is your best friend.

Truebengals Winters Kisses

Lynx Snow 

Colour tested apb/A 

PRA normal

PKDEF carrier. 

DOB 18th December 2016

Dam PurebengalsGB Esperanza

Sire PurebengalsGB Chester (HCM CLEAR)

Truebengals Mercury Frenzy ( Sadie )

Charcoal Mink Snow silver

Dam Silverglitz mercury Dreams - Sire Goldnglitz Snow Prints (HCM clear)

PKDEF clear

PRA clear 

Blood Type B

photo taken at 11 months

Truebengals Mercury Mayhem

Maiden Queen

Silver Charcoal

Colour tested apb/a

PKDEF clear

PRA clear 

Blood Type B

Dam Silverglitz mercury Dreams - Sire Goldnglitz Snow Prints (HCM clear)

Truebengals Teekos love (Frankie)

Brown Rosetted

DAM - PurebengalsGB Teeko the Snow Queen

Sire - Goldnglitz Mr Goldrush of Truebengals

DOB 11/01/2018

PKDEF N/N PRA normal

Colour tested A/a

Blood Type tested A

Truebengals Crystalfalls

Seal Silver Lynx

Dam - PurebengalsGB Dark Moon Of Truebenga;s 

Sire - Goldnglitz Snow Prints of Truebengals (HCM CLEAR)


Colour Silver Lynx APB/APB

Blood type tested A carries B


Crystal is super affectionate and cuddly, she truly loves to be with you at every opportunity. Crystal was a keeper girl from just a week old. She just oozed that amazingness which she is. I love what apb/apb does to a lynx as they are very very unique especially with the silver influence with the snow too. Crystal  has some exciting times to have here at Truebengals.

Monroescubs Rain of Truebengals

Brown Rosetted

Dam - Monroe 

Sire - Rhett Butler of Monroescubs (HCM CLEAR)


Blood type A


Rain is a fantastic addition to our brown program. The kittens Rain and Henry make are fantastic with great type and superb markings. Rain is super affectionate and craves attention.