Here are our new Bengal kittens. All Bengal kittens have been born and raised with us in the home. They have been socialised from very young age with children, other cats and our dogs. 

Silver, Brown, Charcoal, Mink, Lynx

The kittens, sometimes from as early as 3 weeks have access to us at all times to be part of the family. 

Our cats eat a varied diet of wet and dry foods. Kittens are weaned onto tinned mouse to ease the transition for them onto their chosen diet. We are very strict in saying that it is much easier and beneficial to keep to the diet they are weaned onto.

All heavily pregnant mums come in with us for the remainder of their pregnancy and to have their babies. They remain with their babies until 12 weeks when we can get get the kittens ready for their new homes. 

All kittens will come vaccinated, wormed and microchipped. Kittens will have 2 vet checks

With the kittens will also be a kitten pack with food, litter, contract, vaccination report, their next worming and their first flea treatment and their favourite toy. With them will also be their fact sheet, every cat is different, and we know all our cats and kittens so a little fact sheet on their personality always helps them settle.

To reserve a kitten you will need to place a non refundable deposit of £150 for a pet and £350 if you are having a  kitten on the active register. If for any reason on our part your kitten can not be homed with you your deposit will be held in credit for you. 

All kittens are priced individually dependant on colours, pattern and overall type.

Kittens can be viewed in our home if you wish to visit we are YO16 on the coast. Here you can see the older cats and choose a kitten that is right for you.

Pedigree and TICA registration documents are given when your pet is neutered or on collection is on the active register. Proof of litter registration can be given at collection of pet if requested. Just ask.

Key for kittens

Reserved - There has been a deposit held on this kitten.

Evaluation - This kitten is being evaluated for our own breeding program but may become available.

Keeper - We are keeping this kitten for our breeding program.

Available - This kitten is available if interested please contact us.

You can request photos or a video of any or all kittens at any time if you have a deposit on one. Viewing of the kittens is also welcome from 5-6 weeks old.

Truebengals Teekos Love AKA Frankie and Solo had 6 beautiful kittens on the 10th December. The kittens are either Charcoal or apb/A.

5 Seal Lynx Snow 4 boys and 1 girl

1 Charcoal girl

At 5 weeks they will be evaluated and offered to the waiting list. THE WAITING LIST IS OPEN AND £100 secures a place for first refusal of our kittens before they are placed on the website for reserve.

Estimated time of collection is the start of March.

Seal Lynx Snow boy 1 @ 2 weeks and then 3 weeks - He is either Charcoal or apb/A

Seal Lynx Snow boy 2 @ 2 weeks old then 3 weeks old - He is either Charcoal or apb/A

Seal Lynx Snow boy 3 @ 2 weeks old and then 3 weeks old - He is either Charcoal or apb/A

Seal Lynx Snow boy 4 @ 2 weeks old and then 3 weeks old - He is either Charcoal or apb/A. This boy has exceptional markings already for his age.

Seal Lynx Snow Girl @ 2 weeks old and then 3 weeks old - She is either Charcoal or apb/A. This  girl is currently under evaluation to stay here at Truebengals to further the program.

Charcoal Girl @ 2 weeks old and then 3 weeks old-