Comments from those who have chosen our bengals. If you would like to add your experience please contact us and we can include it.

We bought Snowboy, a 16 week old snow bengal kitten, from True Bengals at the beginning of December. Prior to taking Terry (Snowboy) home, we had been getting over the loss of our 12 year old Siamese boy. We had had a very bad experience with the Siamese breeder and spent 12 years desperately taking care of our broken kitty. However our experience with True Bengals couldn't have been more different. Both the personal experience and professional experience we have had with them has been brilliant. We met the entire family Terry had been born in to, were given bundles of advice (Terry was our first Bengal) and a guarantee that given our previous experience, certainly reassured us. A month later Terry grows more beautiful every day, and is more than fighting fit. Him being used to such an array of other animals made it incredibly easy to introduce him to our 5 year old tabby girl. Terry is a very welcome addition to our family and we couldn't be happier. True Bengals are in our view, trust worthy, reliable, and I would encourage anyone who was unsure to go for it. Lynn - Dec 2016

I couldn't rate truebengals highly enough.after our initial meeting and seeing all there beautiful bengals we decided to get a kitten from them. from placing our deposit right the way through to collection we had picture and video updates and even chances to go down and begin getting little sassy used to us.thanks to the hard work of Tony and Claire we took home a very confident,loving kitten.she even came with a tip sheet to help her get settled into her new home, along with food,toys and 6 weeks insurance.she has settled perfectly into our house with our 2 existing cats and is a very loving intelligent little lady.thankyou again guys we couldn't be happier :) - Nathan Dec 2016

When first contacting Truebengals I was unsure about breeders but Clare put me at ease from the moment we spoke. After a couple of weeks I felt like I had known her for months and not weeks. We decided to have 2 kittens from truebengals. The Mink brothers are beautiful and full of vitality. You can tell Clare puts alot into her breeding and has very courageous kittens. We will be back again for another bengal in a few years when we have upgrade dour home. Dec 2016

From phonecall to collection I felt like I'd known Clare for ages,she is very Friendly,Open and Honest, 
Nothing is too much trouble for Her, and she is very Knowledgeable about Bengals. No question is a challenge.
     Our new little girl Crystal "snow" is very clean and particular,she has been very well socialised and is extremely playful,(she also likes climbing) 
You can tell on first sight just how much time Both Clare and Tony, have spent with their, very well loved and looked after kittens and cats .
     Having come from such a happy, playful and loving environment,it feels like Crystal, has been with us forever, not just the 3 weeks we've had her,as she is fitting into family life really well and has adapted to things quickly and easily.
    We would recommend anyone and everyone to True Bengals,our whole experience with them has been, one of a kind..
   Thanks to you both for our "Itty ,bitty,kitty" she's beautiful... - Vanessa Dec 2016

We bought our snow boy and snow girl 4 days ago and they are the most stunning cats with lots of character. Claire and Tony have been fantastic, even from helping me pick the right cat carrier to calming my fears on introducing our new baby snows to our two golden bengal 1 year old sisters.

The cats she has are wonderful and we got to meet them all. If I had a money tree and more space I would get more. Their markings are exceptional and they are socialised so well that they love human company and also fit well with older cats (my two are just inquisitive now) and the kittens know how to interact with children too. Their knowledge of the breed is impressive and they are on hand if you have the slightest worry. We were able to visit them twice collecting their scent for our older girls to smell and we got to have lots of cuddles with them.

All I can say is thank you so much for entrusting with Sirius and Lunar - Amanda, Craig, H-J, Simba and Cleo.  March 2017

From the very beginning the breeder of True Bengals was supportive, intelligent and very passionate about her business as well as ensuring the litters go to good places. I was able to see every part of the kittens' lives after organising a visit, so I highly recommend you give them a ring if you're considering bringing a gorgeous cat into your home. Aug 2017

We've recently collected our fur baby from Clare and Tony and couldn't be happier. I had followed their Bengal journey for a while and when I saw Sunshine it was love. Clare talked me through the process of buying her thoroughly, gave me advice and information on the breed as this is our first Bengal. Clare gave me weekly photo updates until we had the chance to visit and for the two weeks after before she was ready for us to take home. We saw her with her mum and brothers which was really good and were also introduced to her huge dad! She's fitted in so well here and I'm sure that's because she's been well socialised. She came to us with a kitten pack which contained food, litter, her medical book, microchip details, starter pet insurance and favourite toys. A lovely touch. If I could I would happily home another of their kittens in the futurem - Zoe Lawrence weith Truebengals Sunshine Aug 2017

We have brought an active male from Clare and Tony Mr Fire Spiral and we are so pleased with True Bengals. Mr fire who is now a loving pet and in the future will be a proud breeding cat. Can't thank these enough with all there advice and help. We are just starting on are breeding adventures and with True Bengals by are side I'm positive this is going to be an amazing rollercoaster thank you so much. x - Bethany Sept 2017 - Truebengals Mr Firespiral

We got our snow girl a few months ago now and recently she has been sterilised. What a lovely cat she is, from the day we collected her she has settled into our home and life like a professional little snow queen. We received her papers and pedigree within days of the vet emailing that she has been done. Nothing more than professional from the breeders and they love their cats too. - Truebengals Snow Girl - September 2017

Rocky, a snow mink Bengal, is my first Bengal cat so I was super excited and nervous at the same time. Throughout the whole process from when I first made the enquiry to the day I picked my cat up, Clare could not have been more attentive, thoughtful and informative. She helps and supports with everything, beyond expectations. The kitten settled in like he has always been there with no problems at all. Being raised in the family with children and other pets, he has no problems getting on with my pet rabbit. Rocky is healthy, active, great temperament, super affectionate and everything you would want a Bengal cat to be. Thank you Clare. - Phuong Chu - Jan 2018 - Truebengals Rocky

My partner and I opened a discussion with Clare asking for advice on buying from a breeder, after an initial discussion we took a trip to Bridlington to take a look at the facilities, adult cats and kittens. It was clear after our visit that Clare and her family have a great set up and adore their animals. We decided on a Mink Charcoal male who we picked up a month later. From the moment we got him home he has been a happy, confident and very social kitten. We are very happy with our kitten (Ted) and look forward to watching him grow. - Truebengals MinkyB - Jan 2018

I bought my Bengal from Truebengals in September. His temperament is so nice, very well behaved n loves to snuggle. Always a warm welcome at the door when I arrive home. When I visited their home for the first time I was amazed at the time and effort they put into their animals. Loved and cared for in a friendly family environment. - Truebengals Henry jnr - Jan 2018

I had the pleasure of buying a cat from truebengals. The lady is so friendly and answered all of our questions, she even allowed me to come halfway through the night to collect the kitten as it suited us the best. The kitten is amazing and behaves like a true bengal,  You can tell she has been very well reared from birth and is so lively. I would deffinatley recommend this breeder to anyone Jan 2018

We brought Loki (Bosse) home 3 weeks ago, he has settled in perfectly to with his new surroundings and humans! He has such a gorgeous, loving and playful nature, a credit to Claire and Tony to the way he was integrated into a family home with other pets. His markings are striking and are becoming more prominent as he grows, a real looker! Thanks again for a lovely new member to the family - 2018

From first finding True Bengals to picking them up Clare has been so helpful and attentive. I was so excited I messaged her every weekend to check on my babies and she was happy to send photos and videos. Both Teeko and Destiny have settled in amazingly and I am madly in love already . Thank you for everything and hope Clare enjoys watching them grow through my pictures❤️ - Alicia human to Teeko and Destiny ( Mother and Daughter.) 2018

Having never purchased a pedigree cat before, Clare spoke in depth about Bengals and if one would suit our family, after a few months we decided one would. The watching how Clare and her family interacts with them on a daily basis is what caused us to choose Truebengals as the breeder which we would buy from. Always feeling like I was being a burden asking for new photos and videos Clare took them and sent them to be within hours of me asking and did so happily. We will be getting another Truebengals kitten next year when we move home to a larger house. Clare will answer all questions to the best of her knowledge and if she does not know the answer then she will find one based on facts and not social media hype or amature articles. We spent hours at truebengals meeting all the larger cats and the house cats and the older kittens and the younger kittens. All cats lovely and friendly and healthy, all wanting a fuss as soon as you are in their vicinity. Thanks again Clare, see you soon. - Jess and Alex  - 2018

We purchased our first Bengal from Clare and Tony in November 2017 and undertook a huge amount of research before taking the plunge and putting in a preliminary call to Clare with a multitude of questions. 
What struck me from our initial contact was the passion Clare has for all her cats. Clare is not just a breeder but has a vested interest in everyone who is lucky enough to own one of these beautiful animals. We have been in regular contact with Clare since taking home our beautiful 'Dottie' (or Diddy as Clare and Tony christened her!) and regard her as good friend.
When we collected 'Dottie' Clare furnished us with everything we needed to settle in our new addition - toys, food, litter etc. Dottie slept the two and a half hour journey back to the Midlands on my partners lap and we rang Clare as promised when she arrived at her new home.
It will be clear if your reading this testimonial and navigating around the website that the quality of Clare's cats are second to none and more than a little bit special. The markings and rosettes on our cats are absolutely beautiful as are all the kittens Clare offers. Having considered Bengals from other breeders they do not compare with the quality and markings that TrueBengals offer.
In February we were lucky enough to acquire 'Suki' as a play mate for Dottie, another beautiful cat from Clare who has fitted in to our home beautifully, as half sisters they get on great. My partner Michelle is already planning another addition to our family!
I cannot recommend Tony and Clare highly enough and will not hesitate to visit them again if Michelle is allowed another one!! - Simon and Michelle with Dottie :) 2018

Can not recommend Tony and Clare at Truebengals enough. We both spoke to Clare on the phone in depth and the knowledge is brilliant. They both catered for us brilliant with what we actually wanted and personality to suit us. They opened their home up at night for us at short notice. We took a gorgeous silver girl home and she is so loving, friendly and loves all the family Thank you. Shania & Tom  - 2018

Purchased two lovely cats from truebengals, happy and healthy and full of mischief. Waiting for one like Crystal to come along then we will have a 3rd. Molly - 2018

I contacted Clare about 6 months before deciding to take the plunge. I watched Clare and Tony's website as I wanted to ensure that they were breeding responsibly. Clare also posted regulary on Social media, so I was able to see kittens progress. Once I got in touch with Clare, she was really helpful. Once my fur baby was chosen, Clare sent me regular photos and updates. When I visited their cat home, they showed me around and I met all of their cats...they are a credit to them. When I finally got my fur baby home, she had an upset tummy. Clare assured me that she it was just stress of the move, and sure enough, after a couple of weeks that settled down. Right from the start, she has been a confident girl. Known as 'titchy strider'. I would highly recommend TrueBengals. Clare cares about her cats, potential owners and owners. She is always on hand to answer any questions. If I were to have another Bengal, I would definitely be going to Truebengals again. - Sept 018 - Alison with Tia x

We sadly lost our beautiful boy ( Rupert) to a heart murmur. We were very nervous of buying another cat. Clare and tony reassured us that our little silver charcoal boy ( shadow) was in good health and he had a least two vet checks, which found him in perfect health. They were so knowledgeable and helpful in every way. Shadow is a very well adjusted, social little boy due to his early up bringing by Clare and Tony . I would not hesitate to recommend true bengals as very experienced breeders who really care about their cats and clients alike. Brilliant! - Christine Nov 018