The Full Story

Who Are we?

We are Clare and Tony, absolutely obsessed and besotted with bengals.

What do we do?.

We are a TICA registered breeding program with the prefix #Truebengals. We strive to achieve amazing little leopards the size of an average cat who are lap cats. Devoted to their health and temperament along with the amazing looks and type.  

Are we registered to a cat fancy?

Yes we are members of TICA, our prefix is registered with TICA and ALL our cats are registered on the active register which means they are of a standard to breed from and they were bought for the purpose of being bred.

A little about us.

We are passionate about our Bengals, all you have to do is visit to see for yourself. You can visit all our cats and kittens. We have this awesome and crazy animal-loving life with Dogs, Rabbits, Cats, Turkeys, Rheas, Phesants, Peacocks and Chickens. 

Our cats and dogs are our family. Its a crazy world we live in but we have some epic adventures.

We share all aspects of our cat world on social media so why not follow us on Instagram, Facebook. 

We breed for snuggles, for companionship and for having an exquisite cat in your lap.

Situated in the lovely historical bustling seaside town of Bridlington, we are passionate about Bengals. Everyone is a work of art, unique in his/her self. We offer these as fantasitc pets for those wishing to have a Bengal as their companion and some select kittens are offered on selected breeding programs on the active register for those who like us have a breeding program and follow our ethos and love. 

We actively screen for HCM, PRA, PKDEF and blood group

Due to our health screening, none of our kittens can suffer from PRA or Pkdef. 

We breed Brown, Snow Lynx, Snow Mink, Silver and Charcoal colours and the rosetted/spotted patterns. 

Our kittens are all born and raised in our home. All kittens are socialised from a very young age with children, dogs continental rabbit and other cats. They grow up underfoot as part of the household. Follow our facebook to be a part of the daily madness.

You can come and visit us to meet our cats before you choose us as your breeder, all we say is you can view young kittens but can not hold them due to bio security at such a young and vulnerable age.

Our parasite protocol in place is important to us providing very healthy and parasite free kittens starting from 3 weeks and continuing until they leave us for their new homes. Our own cats have regular parasite prevention and random faecal panels to ensure top health.

We do have a waiting list for certain colours, please enquire for a place. This is £100 which then is taken off the reserve deposit upon kitten selection. Our waiting list can be for colour, sex or even a specific pairing if you have a preference.

To put a reserve on a kitten we will require a non-refundable deposit of £250 on reservation.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of our kittens.

07814171871 You can call me or text me. If I miss your call I will get back you asap or text you to let you know I am currently unable to take a call. is the email if you wish to send us a message.

If you can not get to us in Bridlington but would like one of our kittens, We can do a LIVE video for you to view the kittens and due to our dedication we know our kittens personalities from a very early age. We can have your kitten delivered to you when ready. This can cost from £30-£300 depending on where you are in the UK.

If you do wish to one day own a truebengals kitten then please send me a message and tell me what you can offer one of our lovely babies. 



To continue to produce the amazing lap leopards.